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February 01, 2008

Precious Moments Caskets?!

The results are in for the fourth-annual TippingSprung brand-extension survey.

  • PetSmart PetsHotel was named best overall brand extension with 34.3% of the vote. Huggies Sunscreen came in a close second with 29.0%, followed by Disney Wedding Gowns.
  • The ASPCA Collection of pet travel and safety products was named best nonprofit extension, edging out the Smithsonian Home Collection.
  • Preciousmoments_2

  • Worst brand extension, for the extension that seems least to fit with the brand’s core values, was won by Precious Moments urns and caskets (33.9% of respondents). The Humane Society Dog Lovers Wine Club came in a close second with 28.4% of the votes.

Top-rated brand extensions in past years include Iams pet health insurance and American Red Cross emergency radios. Prior “worst” extensions went to Hooters Air airlines and Cheetos lip balm.

Complete survey reports are available upon request. We’d also love to receive ideas for brand extensions that you think merit consideration for next year’s survey. Email us here. For Brandweek coverage, click here.


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Petsmart Pethotel?!? Seriously? I didn't even realize they were doing that well with that brand extension...or is it just the brand extension name that's being rated here?

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