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October 09, 2008

For Richer, For Poorer

Ritz_reserveWhile Wall Street has been building castles in the air, a few luxury hotel chains have chosen Dubai and Thailand for their latest brand extensions. Ferragamo has announced plans to design apartment interiors in the "Pentominium Tower," in partnership with developer Trident International Holdings. The project is currently slated for completion in 2012, Reuters reports. Meanwhile, Ritz-Carlton has announced the launch of Reserve, "an exclusive, ultra-luxury group of remote resorts that will emphasize the local environment while offering unparalleled levels of comfort." The first Reserve property will open in Thailand in early 2009, featuring a mere 54 villas on 20 acres--just in time for the next AIG executive retreat. More here.

Those who consider such über-luxe hotels as so many towers of Babel can take comfort at the other end of the brand-extension spectrum. Real Simple magazine has just announced the launch of a TV show, "Real Simple. Real Life." Appearing on the The Learning Channel, the program leverages the makeover theme, staying true to the brand’s promise of "helping everyday people find solutions to make life easier." Can’t imagine a better tagline for the current bailout package. More here.


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