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December 28, 2008

The Results Are In...

2008survey What do Burger King underwear, Kellogg's hip-hop street wear and Allstate Green insurance have in common? They all were voted among the worst brand extensions of 2008. Earlier this month, TippingSprung polled 689 Brandweek readers and other marketing professionals, online, about this year's flurry of brand extensions. Among others voted thumbs-down: Coca-Cola's RPet clothing at Wal-Mart, Playboy energy drink and Disney Sleeping Beauty executive fountain pens priced at up to $1,200, particularly ill-timed in this economy.

Accentuating the positive, Campbell's V8 Soup was selected the top beverage extension. Nearly 77 percent of marketers said it was a good idea. Coppertone sunglasses and Mr. Clean performance car washes were named the best brand extensions, according to 31.2 percent and 25.7 percent of respondents, respectively.

For Ken Hein’s full coverage in Brandweek, click here. To receive a full survey report (available in the first half of January 2009), email us.

This is TippingSprung's fifth annual brand-extension survey conducted with Brandweek. Past winners include Iams pet health insurance and Huggies Little Swimmers sunscreen; past losers include Precious Moments coffins, Hooters airlines, Cheetos lip balm and Salvador Dalí deodorant (yes, these are/were all real products). Feel free to write us for past results as well.


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The BK Boxers extension isn’t as ridiculous as it might sound -- some people like to wear underwear that's fun to wear (case in point: Underoos) and clearly some people want to wear branded underwear (case in point: Joe Boxer.) So Burger King branded underwear might be an appropriate new way for its target to experience the brand.

The problem with this extension, however, is the design on the underwear. It looks like they took one of their packaging designs and slapped it on the boxers. It seems to me there are far more creative, "edgy," and "weird" designs (to use the words of their CMO and licensing partner) they could have used. For starters, "Have It Your Way" makes for great sexual innuendo, doesn't it? -- might clever use of the word "King" and some arrows do the trick? Surely people with more perverted, er, I mean, creative minds could come up with something more appropriate for the brand and more appealing to the brand's target (and the women they're trying to impress.)

If a brand is going to do a brand extension, then they should really do one -- and do it well. Simply pasting your logo on different products is not a brand extension. I’ve posted my full opinion on my blog -- http://deniseleeyohn.com/bites/2008/12/20/underwear-that’s-fun-to-wear/ .

In Jared Diamond’s book “Collapse”, he printed a world map that showed the environmental hot spots of the world and the Philippines is right in the middle of that map. We need to know more about climate change; the adaptation and mitigation measures that will be needed.
Noosa property

Burger king underwear? WHO...in their right mind...would EVER buy that?!? Who came up with that bright idea?

It looks like they took one of their packaging designs and slapped it on the boxers.

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